How Do I Turn Back Games?

Call Mike Truax at least 72 hours before the match  to turn back assignments you cannot do - i.e. Saturday matches should be turned back by Tuesday evening.

What to do for inclement weather?

Check for an email in your inbox before going to the field.  You may also look at the on-line referee handbook for cancellation information for each league.  Find the handbook and field directory at our web site, www.wmsoa.net.   The handbook and field directory for each season is always attached to an email sent to you before the beginning of each season.  Print out both documents and refer to them for relevant information.

What If One or Both Teams Do Not Show or one team forfeits for lack of sufficient players?

There is no match.  Do not officiate scrimmages when one team forfeits for lack of sufficient players.  Call or email (mtruax@myactv.net) Mike Truax that same day to report the forfeit.

What If I Want Additional Games?

Turned back games and rescheduled matches are often available via the scheduling web site, www.thearbiter.net. If you have the ability to self assign then you can get games through that avenue or you can call Mike Truax and request games or send him an e-mail at mtruax@myactv.net.